Docks Art Fair 2016 © Pascal Flamant
© Pascal Flamant

I have been active as Digital Communications Consultant over more than 15 years, with clients notably drawn from the Art market.

An Art lover myself – from 17th century classical landscapes to contemporary Art – I launched Achetez de l’Art in June 2014, as a reaction to the way people think about the Art market, which in my opinion does not reflect reality.

Indeed, I do believe that the Art market is about meeting passionate people, artists, collectors, gallery owners, auctioneers, online Art sale sites managers… all willing to share the same passion for Art.

Regardless of preconceived ideas, Art remains accessible, and buying Art can be a thrilling experience. Owning, and living side by side with a work of Art is extremely rewarding. Even today’s greatest collectors have had to start from scratch someday.

My intention with Achetez de l’Art is to spark the general public’s interest in the Art market, help people start a collection, with tools like our collaborative guide for buying art online and its ranking based on other users’ reviews, or the advice and recommendations provided by experts, in order to have a clearer view of the market and make the right choice.

Achetez de l’Art was also designed to create awareness, to support all the Art market stakeholders, to show them the extent of the ongoing digital revolution taking place in the Art market, and help them improve the way they communicate on the Internet and through social media.

Achetez de l’Art provides customised, online support to all market players thanks to tailor-made partnerships allowing increased brand awareness, enhanced online presence, while delivering quick and sustainable results.

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