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3 - Zeuxis authenticated objects
5 - KAZoART authenticated objects
7 - Balibart authenticated objects
10 - Artsper authenticated objects

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Latest English reviews by Art lovers and collectors (read also the reviews in French)

  • Review by Michele Appendino (on 23/5/17) regarding Artistics :
    Great job, thank you very much !
    I bought Sunken Ship and Antenna Forest from the Norvegian artist Christian Houge. The Artistics’ team was very helpful in suggesting where to put them in my apartment based on pictures I sent them. Shipment was very smooth and the two pictures arrived in perfect shape. The Artistics’ team was finally very helpful in explaining how to mount them on the wall ! Great job, thank you very much !
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  • Review by Guillaume (on 17/4/17) regarding Artistics :
    Great experience on Artistics!
    I recently bought on Artistics a small artwork by the artist Frédérique Domergue, at a reasonable price. Between painting, photography and sculpture, realism and abstraction, her work invites to contemplation. I am sincerely glad with this purchase since Artistics has been great: availability of the team, fast and neat shipping. A purchase with confidence that I do not regret and will surely repeat, as soon as possible. (translated – Read the Artistics review in French)
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  • Review by Emmanuel Baviere (on 3/4/17) regarding Artistics :
    Excellent experience on
    Superb experience ; it all began with a work of art, it was love at first sight, which I gave to my wife ( less her thing - which can happen), so changed it for another one - Klinik a photo by Gina Soden - as far as the artistic and financial result goes and in terms of customer service? 100%, brilliant. A huge thank you ! (translated – Read the Artistics review in French)
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  • Review by Nathalie Vadillo Quint (on 25/2/17) regarding Artistics :
    The best of both worlds between a physical and virtual gallery.
    A few days ago we bought a painting, Cerisiers II by Chen Yiching which we had seen at an exhibition in Toulon, not far from our place (we live in Aix en Provence) 2 years before, and via Artistics last year, while on business in Paris, I organized a visit to Chen Yiching's workshop. Excellent contact and service. It was so wonderful to meet the artist at her workshop. And once we had chosen the piece we wanted, all our questions answered, a speedy and perfect delivery then ensued. (translated – Read the Artistics review in French)
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  • Review by Moussot (on 20/1/17) regarding Artistics :
    Very good site. Excellent customer service and good advice. Delivery : They know how to adapt to the customer's needs. (translated – Read the Artistics review in French)
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