[Update March 2017 - auctionata has suspended its activities] Auctionata is a German start-up which was founded by 2012 by Alexander Zacke, a former, talented eBay power-seller. The huge success today of the company makes it a major online competitor for the biggest auction houses.


Artprecium is a state-licensed auction house, led by a team of experienced auctioneers with a significant track record in the art market, offering online art sales since 2015.


Catawiki is a European auction site dedicated to selling and buying fine art and collectibles, involving 70 art market professionals and experts, and claiming over 300,000 clients.


[Update February 2018 - Expertissim has suspended its activities]
Expertissim is a French online marketplace for buying and selling appraised works of art, founded in 2008.