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[Update February 2017 – Advizart has suspended its activities]
AdvizArt is an interactive online art gallery. Dedicated to art lovers, the platform allows the buyers to acquire the artworks directly from emerging contemporary artists.

Country: France
Creation: 2016
Site available in French
Field(s) of expertise: Contemporary art
Model: Online art gallery

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A enhanced user experience for art lovers

[Update February 2017 – Advizart has suspended its activities]

Founded in January of 2016 by Etienne Bourbie, Pauline du Boys et Anna Nevicka, the marketplace AdvizArt aims to democratise the contemporary art market by offering original works of art at affordable prices: more than half of the works of art available on the platform are priced at less than a 1.000 €.

The artworks of both established and emerging contemporary artists – like the graffiti artist Soklak Elgato (in French) or the geek artist Romain Dorez (in French) – are selected by AdvizArt’s artistic director. The platform represents variety of art styles such as: Abstraction, Pop’Art, Street Art or Photography.

The website also promotes a direct interaction between the art lovers and the artists by offering a 360° enhanced user experience via the chat with the artist or the possibility to submit a counter-offer for any artwork available on the platform.