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Artistics is an online art gallery presenting the works of selected contemporary artists and offering to buy these works securely and in just a few clicks.

Country: France
Creation: 2013
Employees: 5
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: contemporary art
Catalogue: approximately 1,400 original works from 40 artists
Prices: From 200 to 65,000 EUR
Model: online art gallery
Purchaser fee: none
Seller fee: 30-35% inclusive of tax
Worldwide delivery by major hauliers, with insurance included in the shipping costs
Customer service:
From France : 01 40 28 92 28
Outside France: +33 1 40 28 92 28
Online chat on the site and by email
Post-sale service:
14-day money back guarantee within the European Union

• Artists selected by a collectors committee
• Video interview of artists in their studios
• Member of the FEVAD (French association of distance-selling businesses)
• Compliant with the e-commerce Trusted Shop requirements

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A web contemporary art gallery focusing on works

Artistics is a web art gallery which was started in October 2013 by Sonia Rameau. Its main purpose is to promote selected, international artists (visual artists, sculptors, painters, photographers…) at their best and deeply rooted in the contemporary world.

Artistics - Sonia Rameau

“The online art market is not mature yet, especially in France where it is still in its infancy, with no established model so far.”

Interview with Sonia Rameau (in French)

Through its active participation in the dematerialization of the art market, Artistics also wants to meet the expectations of a new generation of art collectors who are fully aware of the opportunities offered by the Internet to discover new talents.

Every effort has been made by Artistics to be as close as possible to the works: high definition images, detailed descriptions, artworks presentation and setting, video interviews of artists discussing their work in their studios.

Particularly, Artistics is showcasing the work of Cécile Bisciglia, whose monumental canvas « Adoptez-moi (adopt me) » in the « A work » section of our website.

An online chat service and a helpline provide potential buyers with tips before and after their purchase, which is covered by a 14-day money back guarantee within the European Union.

The Artistics site is a member of the FEVAD (French association of distance-selling businesses) and is approved by the e-commerce Trusted Shop label.

Ratings and reviews on Artistics

☛ Prices 5
☛ Customer service 5
☛ Packaging & Delivery 5
☛ Artworks presentation 5
☛ Artworks selection and quality 5
☛ Website quality 5

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46 Replies to “Artistics”

  1. Love at first sight for a group purchase

    Average ratings: 4
    ☛ Prices 3
    ☛ Customer service 5
    ☛ Packaging & Delivery 5
    ☛ Artworks presentation 4
    ☛ Artworks selection and quality 4
    ☛ Website quality 5

    I received the newsletter of Artistics, and I really appreciated the video clips about artists and their works. This encouraged me to come back on this website to look for a 40th anniversary group gift for a friend of mine.
    A wonderful photograph for a magic moment! Moreover, the staff is available by phone for the choice of the artwork and the order status of the purchase.
    I suggest this website also for the wedding gifts or other important events. Love at first sight!
    (translated – Read the Artistics review in French)

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