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Artmajeur is a standard reference internet platform, accessible to all artists who need to be present online to promote and sell their work.

Country: France
Creation: 2000
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: contemporary art
Catalogue: over 1.9 million works presented
Model: community of artists
Purchaser fee: 0%
Seller fee: 0 to 5%, according to subscription package
Handled by artist, refund within 14/30 days depending on the artist
Customer service:
Handled by artist

• Impressive catalogue
• Web-enabled tool that is intuitive to use, and accessible to all artists
• Direct and secure connection between artist and buyer with no purchaser fee

• No selection of artists wishing to present their work on the site

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One of the most important artist galleries on the Internet, providing access to almost 2 millions of artworks!

Founded in 2000 by Samuel Charmetant (read the interview, in French) Artmajeur was the first community site dedicated to artists and 15 years on, it has become a standard reference, one of the most important artist galleries on the internet.

Many artists (more than 115,000 from 197 countries!) choose the platform and the services provided by Artmajeur to create their own website, promote and sell their original works, or prints and posters of these works.

Open to all artist and all art forms, the platform allows to create easily, at a reasonable cost (or even free if only a few works are posted, which is the case for most artists), websites with all required functionalities useful for painters, sculptors or photographers to promote and sell their art.

Artmajeur’s philosophy is to enable all artists, whatever their resources, to share their their research and show their work.

Though a French-based site, Artmajeur  succeeded on every continent. Available in 12 languages, it also promotes contemporary creators from the United States, Russia, Australia or China.  Armajeur, it’s 300 connections everyday and  1,000 sales every month.

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