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Artnet is the leading resource for the international, online art market, allowing to access results of auctions and buy from partner galleries or via online bidding.

Country: Germany
Creation: 1989
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: modern art | contemporary art
Catalogue: Approximately 200,000 works
Model: online sale platform (auctions, immediate purchase)
Purchaser fee: 20%
Seller fee: 0 to 15%

• Website notoriety and design
• Rich catalogue of works for sale
• 24/7 global art newswire: artnet News, one of the art market’s reference

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Results of art auctions and online sale of artworks

Founded in 1989, and online since 1995, artnet is the leading resource for the international art market, with offices in Berlin, New York City and Paris.

The company gives 24/7 access to databases containing records from 2,000 international auction houses, and all types of artworks.

Each seller offering works for sale through artnet’s online auctions tool was selected and registered, after a thorough analysis.

Most recently, artnet launched artnet News, a 24/7 global newswire providing art market news, events, trends and latest developments.

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