Online sale of signed, limited edition photographic prints

Buy art on ArtPhotoBy Authenticated artworks

ArtPhotoBy gives the general public and collectors access to the works of major contemporary photographers, which are shown worldwide.

Country: France
Creation: 2013
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: photography
Catalogue: Approximately 300 photographs
Model: Online art gallery
By FedEx, handled by laboratory INITIAL Labo in Boulogne Billancourt (France) or DUPONT (Paris)

• Signed, numbered prints authenticated by famous artists, from unique print to 30 prints maximum (for all formats)
• Art prints made in France by renowned laboratory, possibility of custom framing
• Blog dedicated to art photography

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A selection of classic pictures by major photographers

ArtPhotoBy is an online photo gallery founded in 2013 by Sophie Leiser and selling a selection of classic pictures by renowned photographers: high-quality art prints by a professional laboratory, supplied in rolls or framed to order.

Among other works, the online photo gallery shows portrait photographs (Mick Jagger, Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Romy Schneider, Robert Redford, Paul Newman…), vintage photos (The Rolling Stones, the 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race), design photo, landscapes, firts-edition prints, exclusive works.

ArtPhotoBy notably exhibited in 2014 at the Grand Palais in Paris during the Tour Auto 2015 Optic 2000 (classic car event across France, from Paris to the Basque Country).

The ArtPhotoBy Gallery is also on Artprice and on Artsper.

ArtPhotoBy website has been redesigned late 2015, for a better user experience and works presentation.

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