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Artprice is the first standardised marketplace for art market players to connect and buy or sell their artworks and items at a fixed price in online stores and at auction.

Country: France
Creation: 1997
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: modern art | contemporary art
Catalogue: Approximately 80,000 works for sale
Model: online sale platform (auctions, immediate purchase)
Seller fee: 5 to 9% inclusive of tax (+ escrow fee), subscription to access stores
Handled by seller
Customer service:
Hotline: +33 4 72 42 17 06 for France and other contact information: online

• Richness of catalogue and results database
• Trusted third-party for auctions
• Reduced fees

• No guarantee

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Toward a standardisation of auctions

Artprice was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of 1980’s European internet pioneer Server group, and is the world leader in art market information (indices and pricing databases), claiming 30 million indices and sales results with approximately 600,000 artists.

Its CEO, Thierry Ehrmann, has since been shaking up the auction world, trying to make it more accessible by offering (by subscription) art auctions information and indices.

Artprice thus recently unveiled a new tool measuring the yield of artworks and its growth rate.

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