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The Auction After Sale site combines the advantages of the Internet with those of traditional auctions, by allowing to bid on thousand of lots recently unsold at auctions, and make good deals.

Country: Switzerland
Creation: 2015
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: all domains
Catalogue: renewed on a daily basis, approximately 5,000 lots listed and available for 10 days
Model: marketplace dedicated to after-sales, bid transmitted to the auction house
Purchaser fee: fees by the auction house
handled by the auction house

• User-friendly website
• Catalogue of artworks and objets d’art in all domains, from international auctions
• A win-win situation for auction houses and art lovers!

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Unsold lots from international auctions houses now accessible

Did you know that statistically, 30% of lots offered for sale at auctions find no purchasers?

This is where the Auction After Sale site comes in. Founded in 2015 by Jean-Baptiste Fabre, an art broker who worked at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Drouot, this platform offers a second chance to unsold lots, and generates many opportunities for art lovers and collectors.

Jean-Baptiste Fabre - Auction After Sale

” I am determined to set up a strong community that develops an interest in unsold lots, including individuals as well as art professionals. “

Interview with Jean-Baptiste Fabre (in French)

The day after the auction, unsold lots are listed, referenced on the website, and available for sale during 10 days. Then all you have to do is make a bid for the work of your choice, by setting a price which is submitted to the auction house. If the auctioneer agrees on the price, the work is yours. If not, you can make a counter-proposal, or quit the sale. Auction After Sale keeps a record of your bid and will send you an alert when a similar item will be available for immediate purchase on the site.

Auction After Sale is a smart service, targeting art lovers, collectors, art dealers or institutions. Really worth a try!


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