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Barnebys is a search engine dedicated to auctions, making them accessible to as many people as possible in Europe an the United States with one single search.

Country: Sweden
Creation: 2011
Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: all domains
Model: auctions search engine
Handled by each auction house

• Website usability
• Increasing number of partner auctions houses
• Great art blog

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Easier access to auctions

Founded in Sweden in 2011, Barnebys was born of the need to provide an easier access to the world of auctions.

Thanks to an intuitive search engine, online buyers can easily find the work they are looking for, and are redirected to the website where they can buy it, get more information and make a bid or a purchase order.

Barnebys is present in the United Kingdom, the United States, the Nordics, Germany and France, and is an active partner of Achetez de l’Art.

Auction results (over 8 million) are now on offer on the site, which was mentioned as a reference by Skate’s spring 2015 « Art E-Commerce and Media Report »

Barnebys has completed a fund raising of EUR 4 million in December 2015 in order to strengthen its presence in the United States.

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