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[Update March 2017 – C-A-TCH Gallery has suspended its activities]

Country: France
Creation: 2014
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: contemporary art
Catalogue: approximately 700 works (first year of operation)
Model: Online art gallery
Free delivery by UPS within 10 business days
Customer service:
• Livechat on the web site
• by e-mail: contact@c-a-tch.com
• Hotline: +339 84 20 81 56
Post-sale service:
Free return with exchange or refund within 15 days

• Exclusivity/originality of works
• New, promising talent
• Excellent value for money, free delivery

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[Update March 2017 – C-A-TCH Gallery has suspended its activities]

A panel of emerging photographers, illustrators and digital artists at an affordable price

CATCH Gallery (Contemporary Art caTCH) champions an emotional, individual relationship with Art: the evocative power of an artwork, what you feel when looking at it is very personal and varies with each person’s history. A form of escape that makes you feel better in these sometimes dark times!

CATCH Gallery intends to make this therapy accessible to all art lovers, by drastically cutting overheads, cutting out the middleman and negotiating reduced development costs. This results in exclusive, limited edition artworks offered at prices which undercut the art market’s prices by 30%.

The artists of tomorrow

C-A-TCH Gallery’s approach is anything but a backward-looking one. It intends to be the place for avant-garde art and new talent. With their unconventional curation, it is unlikely that you find similar artworks for sale anywhere else!

Artists are selected according to objective criteria (training, career path, exhibitions, prizes won, press coverage), their artistic approach and its consistency with the gallery’s.

New talent every week

C-A-TCH Gallery chose to exhibit new talents every week, without ever working with more than 50 artists at once. It implies a frequent renewal of the works presented, allows to enhance the visibility of artists, and satisfy visitors always on the look-out for novelty.

Respect for the artists and for creative work

The gallery only offers limited editions. According to C-A-TCH Gallery a work of art has to be rare and precious; it is a a form of homage paid to creative work. This is why they have chosen to work only with the best European laboratories in order to sell museum-quality prints at negotiated rates.

In acknowledgement of the uniqueness of talent, C-A-TCH Gallery created a dedicated space available to each artist on the website, a virtual showroom where works are presented as well as the artists’ career path and inspirations.

The C-A-TCH Gallery was the subject of a successful crowdfunding campaign late 2014, which exceeded their target and increased their visibility.

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