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Le Collectionneur Moderne is an online art gallery presenting the work of selected artists through thematic, video exhibitions. This approach encourages access to contemporary creation and fosters a real discourse on art.

Country: France
Creation: 2016
Site available in French
Field(s) of expertise: Contemporary art | Photography
Catalogue: about twenty new artists per year, i.e. approximately 400 works
Model: Online art gallery
Purchaser fee: none
by specialised haulier with insurance included, or appointment delivery
Customer service:
+33 6 09 17 52 72, or by email
Post-sale service:
free return within 14 days inside the European Economic Area

• An audiovisual and interactive approach to Art
• Artists selection and catalogue by Art market professionals
• Leadership of a network and organisation of sale events, performances, etc.

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An online art gallery that properly brushes away the cobwebs from the market

Le Collectionneur Moderne (The Modern-Day Collector) was founded in 2016 by Frank Puaux, a young auctioneer who wanted to combine his passions for documentary filmmaking and the promotion of contemporary artists.

Le Collectionneur Moderne’s aim is to abolish the frontier between artists and the public through thematic video exhibitions and a high-standard presentation of their catalogue, without giving up in any way the selection process incumbent on an art gallery.

Frank Puaux - Le Collectionneur Moderne“The organization of thematic exhibitions through videos is really appreciated and I am delighted to have already met great artists from the beginning.”

Interview with Frank Puaux’s (in French)

Professional documentary films, set to music and punctuated by interviews, allow users to learn more about the artists’ personalities and to grasp a true picture of their works.

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