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Since 1995, it has been possible to buy art online from eBay, and the partnership with Sotheby’s strengthens their position in the art market.

Country: United-States
Creation: 1995
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: all domains
Model: marketplace (auctions and immediate purchase)
Seller fee: 7.5% of final price inclusive of tax and up to EUR 1,000; EUR 75 beyond (+additional listing features)
Handled by each seller

• Historical player
• Richness of catalogue and subscriber base
• Recent partnership with Sotheby's

• Authenticity of sold items is not guaranteed, only sellers’ ratings provide an indication

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The world’s largest community of online buyers and sellers

eBay is an American brokerage company which has held sole rule over online auctions since 1995 is one of the worldwide web phenomena like Google, Facebook, etc.

In 2014, this marketplace, considered the world’s largest community of online buyers and sellers, had in excess of 600 million active users (figures provided by

You will find anything to buy there, put up for sale by individuals and professionals, including works and objets d’art.

eBay now works with Sotheby’s, with a first auction in April 2015 accessible through a dedicated website address: (see press release: eBay Launches Sotheby’s Live Auctions Experience).

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