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[Update February 2018 – Expertissim has suspended its activities]
Expertissim is a French online marketplace for buying and selling appraised works of art, founded in 2008.

Country: France
Creation: 2008
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: all domains
Catalogue: approximately 1,000 objects and artworks
Model: online sale platform (auctions and immediate purchase)
Purchaser fee: 25% inclusive of tax
Seller fee: 5 to 15% inclusive of tax
Pick-up at Expertissim, in Paris or Saint-Ouen, plus 30 days of free storage after purchase date. Expertissim bears the cost of specific packaging and insurance of artworks; partnership with Colissimo for deliveries in France and UPS for the rest of the world
Customer service:
Hotline : +33 1 45 23 59 95
Post-sale service:
Return possible within 14 days upon receipt, with total refund, inclusive of tax

• Exceptional level of expertise, with over 50 art market professionals and a 10-year guarantee
• Neat presentation of works (pictures, detailed description)
• End-to-end sales process management (works stored at Expertissim’s)

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A  fine, complete catalogue highlighting works with a 10-year guarantee

[Update February 2018 – Expertissim has suspended its activities]

Expertissim sells artworks which have all been valued and are guaranteed, and applies volume discounts: the objet d’art is available for up to 8 weeks on the site at its highest valued price, then the price is gradually brought down to its lowest valuation. The work can be purchased at any time, considering that the lower the price goes… the more demand rises.

Expertissim works with over 50 acknowledged art market professionals, in all domains, and handles the valuation of artworks, which are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Expertissim - Cyrille Coiffet

“Expertissim successfully brought together two separate worlds: e-commerce and auctioneers. “

Interview with Cyrille Coiffet (in French)

The works sold through the site are being taken care of and stored securely by Expertissim. High-quality, HD pictures of the works are taken by a dedicated team and posted on the site upon receipt.

The auction house Expertissim

Expertissim, by obtaining its approval from the CVV, the French Council of Voluntary Sales (76-2015 approval), has been legally allowed during Fall 2015 to hold public auctions, especially online.

Its first online auction was held in December 2015 in collaboration with the site