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Buy art on KAZoART Authenticated artworks

KAZoART allows to buy online original works directly by selected, emerging artists.

Country: France
Creation: 2015
Site available in French
Field(s) of expertise: contemporary art
Catalogue: More than 12 000 works
Model: online art gallery
Purchaser fee: 30% inclusive of tax
Paid for by KAZoART and managed by the artist, who has up to 8 days to ship the work with the certificate of authenticity.
Customer service:
Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm: +33(0) 1 86 95 70 64
Post-sale service:
Return or exchange within 30 days after the sale

• A real willingness to make art more accessible and more affordable to all
• Artists selected by experts
• 30-day trial period (refund or exchange)

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An art market place bringing together art buyers and artists

KAZoART is an art marketplace created in 2015 by Mathilde Le Roy, who anticipated the online art market boom, and decided to offer an « artist-to-consumer » service facilitating the relationship between art lovers looking for unique, affordable artworks and talented yet not always well-known artists.

KAZoART - Mathilde Le Roy

“Shake up the art market that was very slow to go online, and make a clear and unequivocal statement that high-quality Art can be accessible. “

Interview with Mathilde Le Roy (in French)

KAZoART offers a wide range of works (all media and all styles) at affordable prices (80% of the catalogue is below EUR 1,000). They present a wide choice of works by independent artists who are rarely, if ever, represented by galleries, and selected by curators with a strong knowledge of the art market.

KAZoART favours a direct relationship between the buyer and the artist, who can discuss live via the website. The art lover can follow the artist on the site and social media. There is no brick-and-mortar shop, no inventory, no middleman.

Ratings and reviews on KAZoART

☛ Prices 5
☛ Customer service 5
☛ Packaging & Delivery 5
☛ Artworks presentation 5
☛ Artworks selection and quality 5
☛ Website quality 5

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  1. great website

    Average ratings: 5
    ☛ Prices 5
    ☛ Customer service 5
    ☛ Packaging & Delivery 5
    ☛ Artworks presentation 5
    ☛ Artworks selection and quality 5
    ☛ Website quality 5

    kazoart is a great website that I recommend !

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