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The KOCHI Gallery (KOGa) is a recently founded, web-based art gallery specializing in street art, photography and Japanese cartoons. It offers works by well-known or emerging artists to art lovers from all over the world.

Country: France
Creation: 2014
Cities: Paris, London
Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: contemporary art | street art
Catalogue: over 1,000 works
Model: online art gallery
Delivery by express haulier within 3 days with ad valorem insurance covering the total value of the work, or pickup by buyer.
Customer service:
LiveChat on the website (answers almost 24/7!), premises in London (+44 743 7475 630) and Paris (+33 6 76 18 59 65), private viewing is possible in the city where the artwork is located, answer to email requests within 24 hours (info@kochigallery.com).
Post-sale service:
14-day free return upon receipt by the buyer

• A global audience: increasingly taking on an international dimension, and working with artists from all over the globe, the KOCHI Gallery sold and delivered works in over 15 countries
• Hand-picked artists: working directly with the gallery, with a track record of exhibitions and auctions guaranteeing their asset value
• A professional, though offbeat and innovative approach, with works ranging from original Japanese cartoons to canvases by fashionable street artists or collages on wooden planks

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A newly-founded online art gallery with an deliberately offbeat approach

Founded in June 2014 by Emmanuel Tiberghien, KOCHI Gallery is a web-based art gallery specializing in street art, photography or Japanese cartoons, and more broadly, contemporary art.

The gallery intends to reach out to the general public without any constraints of time or space, and present artists who deserve greater recognition.

KOCHI Gallery - Emmanuel Tiberghien

“After one year in operation, we are very pleased to have been able to sell and send artworks in over 15 countries including the United States, France, Belgium, Sweden or Germany!”

Interview with Emmanuel Tiberghien

Their artist selection process is based on several criteria: they must have participated in exhibitions, shows or other significant artistic events; they must have sold works by auction.

With a catalogue of over 1,000 works (with prices ranging from de EUR 50 to EUR 5,000), KOCHI Gallery’s selection of works is regularly extended in order to include new genres and new artists likely to appeal to art lovers and collectors: geek-art, electronic art, sculpture are now on offer.

Art lovers from around the world can browse the artworks selected by artist, by genre, or by theme 24/7, interact with a pro-active, client-focused team and buy art securely with a few clicks.

For artists, this gallery represents a new way to access an international network of collectors.

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