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LotPrivé is a site where art, antiques, jewellery and other valuables can be bought and sold. It allows potential buyers to hunt around for artworks or collectibles which have been valued by auction houses, thus making art purchase easier and more accessible.

Country: France
Creation: 2012
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: all domains
Catalogue: Approximately 3,000 lots
Model: Marketplace dedicated to after-sales (immediate purchase)
Purchaser fee: charged by partner auction houses (LotPrivé is paid by its partners, with no financial impact on buyer)
Delivery rates are mentioned most of the time; they include packaging, insurance and delivery by Colissimo in France and UPS worldwide. Otherwise, special quotations should be requested.
Customer service:
Hotline: +33 (0)1 80 05 93 50

• Relevant and original positioning
• Efficient website, obviously designed by first-rate webdesigners
• Selection of items identified as investment opportunities

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Authenticated artworks from auction houses, sold at fixed and attractive prices

LotPrivé.com allows you to sell or buy art online by partnering with over 60 auction houses in Europe.

The site, which was founded by Vincent Hutin in 2012, complements traditional auctions by proposing art at fixed, attractive prices ranging from EUR 100 to EUR 50,000 and for a minimum of 30 days.

This offering was made possible by a change in French Commercial Law, which occurred in July 2011 and opened the way to transactions by mutual agreement regarding items entrusted to auction houses.

All objects for sale (artworks, luxury or vintage products) come from auction houses and were valued by them: their authenticity is guaranteed.

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