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Founded by photographer and curator Maude Arsenault, The Print Atelier is an online gallery offering photographic works by a Canadian and international art collective.

The Print Atelier’s mission is to promote contemporary art photography and help a new generation of collectors discover a wide range of exclusive, contemporary, limited edition pictures that speak to all tastes.

Country: Canada (Montreal)
Creation: 2012
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: photography
Catalogue: over 500 works
Model: online art gallery
Seller fee: N/A
International delivery available directly from site, watch video
Customer service:
E-mail hotline
Post-sale service:
Return possible in case of damage or if buyer not satisfied

• A real selection of art works, from emerging artists
• Customised search service

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Make the process of discovering and collecting art photography accessible and an enriching experience for a new generation of collectors

The Print Atelier describes itself as a reference in contemporary art photography on the web, offering a « One stop » destination to art photography lovers, museums and gallery curators and photography collectors.

The Print Atelier’s mission is to make the process of collecting and discovering Art Photography accessible and an enriching experience for all photography lovers, and to a create new generation of collectors.

Maude Arsenault - The Print Atelier “To our great surprise, there was a strong, immediate interest. And each time American people visit our site, their visit ends up with a purchase! “

Interview with Maude Arsenault (in French)

The artworks presented by the gallery are the result of a very curated selection by founder and photographer, Maude Arsenault, in cooperation with emerging or established artists.

Each work is sold as a limited edition and shipped to the buyer in a secure, luxury packaging, with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by the Photographer.

With its simple, intelligent and democratic approach, The Print Atelier redefines online art purchasing, by offering its visitors a wide range of exclusive contemporary works, available in a limited edition, which appeal to all sorts of art lovers. The Print Atelier invites to a virtual, intimist visit, where discovering and purchasing art photography becomes an accessible and an enriching experience.

The Print Atelier is a gallery partner with international art collective ARTSY.

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