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Upside Art is an online art gallery as well as a community of artists, both aimed at amateur, emerging or established artists, and bringing them greater public visibility.

Country: France
Creation: 2011
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: contemporary art
Catalogue: Approximately 40,000 works by 3,500 artists
Model: community of artists
Purchaser fee: none
Seller fee: non (free registration to exhibit, mandatory subscription for sellers)
Handled by artist

• Free registration and no commission on sales, the artist being directly in touch with the seller
• Website functionalities: forum, chat between artists, exhibitions calendar, art contests, groups...
• Richness of catalogue

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Bring visibility to artists and make art more accessible

Upside Art is an online art gallery and a community founded in 2011, where professionals, artists, art lovers and the general public meet to buy and sell their works, simply and without middlemen.

The site is dedicated to budding or experienced artists, allowing them to exhibit and sell their work (photographs, canvases, sculptures…), and allowing visitors to buy original, unique works at reasonable prices.

Upside Art refuses to set up a closed, exclusive selection of artists; rather, its aim is to bring them greater public visibility. Whilst every artist can exhibit on the website, any added content is subject to Upside Art validation.

Upside Art is a place of cultural exchange, and its team strives to keep as close as possible to artists, by taking all the necessary time to meet their requirements.

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