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The online photo gallery Wipplay grants access to unique photographic talent, selected through photo contests and appraised by great names of photography.

Country: France
Creation: 2012
Site available in French Site available in English
Field(s) of expertise: Photography
Catalogue: 15,000+ photos
Model: Online photo gallery
From 2 to 14 days (depending on the support)

• Art prints available from 33 EUR (print only) / 500 EUR (print + support)
• Images appraised by great names of photography
• Printing and framing by a renowned French photo laboratory (Central Dupon)

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A community that can produce or discover new talent

Started by Julie Plus in 2013 from the rooftop of the Gaité Lyrique business incubator in Paris, Wipplay was at the beginning a photo contest platform open to all photographers.

Within a few months, new photographers joined Wipplay to take part in the weekly contests organised for creative brands, cultural institutions or festivals. Exhibitions are organised at the Centre Pompidou, in Los Angeles or Tokyo.

The winners, who are chosen by a prestigious panel (famous photographers, museum directors, art critics…) receive prizes, and their works can be offered for sale through the gallery’s online store, WipplayDeco.

Julie Plus - Wipplay« Wipplay is an entrepreneurial project which is deeply rooted in the internet ideal: increase access to Art photography without compromising quality. and help forge relations among artists and Art enthusiasts ».

Interview with Julie Plus (in French)

Without compromising quality, WipplayDeco is committed to sell original works at affordable prices (ranging from 70 to 500 EUR) on various supports and in various formats.

Photographs are printed upon request by French laboratory Central Dupon, who works for major world-class photographers.

Wipplay’s flagship product, called small photo boxes, consists of a print laminated on an aluminium foil and framed with light oak. While setting off the photographs, these original and affordable objects can be placed on a surface, hung to a wall or assembled, and thus become real objets d’art.

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